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go to your Pokemon watch(bottom screen). keep clicking it until you get to #6. click on a Pokemon. if it runs away it hates you. if there is 1 heart, you are okay.2 hearts means good, but 2 BIG hearts means you are perfect!

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Q: How can you tell when your Pokemon are happy with you?
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How can you tell if your Pokemon is happy in crystal?


How do you know if a Pokemon is happy on Pokemon Pearl?

One of the Pokeetches might tell you.

How can you tell if your Pokemon is happy in Pokemon soul silver?

Just simply talk to it and it will tell you how it feels. To talk to a pokemon, just turn to it and press A.

How do you check your Pokemon happiness in Pokemon heargold?

you talk to the pokemon that is folowing you than it will tell you wether it is happy or not

How do you tell how happy your Pokemon is in soul silver?

talk to its and sometimes it does a happy face but it depends which place your in

How do you tell if Pokemon is happy FireRed?

You go to Daisy in your home town, after some grooming of ur Pokemon she will tell you how much it likes you.

How do you tell if a Pokemon is happy in Pokemon version dimond?

you have to get a poke app . it shows your pokemons happiness in hearts

How do you see that a Pokemon is happy?

A person somewhere in the game will tell you how happy your Pokemon is if you show it to that person also if you use an item on your Pokemon the closer they get to the screen the more happy they are.

How do you tell how happy a Pokemon is?

In Pokemon Black and White you can use your X-transmitter to contact Bianca that will tell you how happy your Pokemon. Certain items and getting your Pokemon a massage will help to increase its happiness.

What do you tell the man in jubilif tv station in Pokemon pearl?

you tell him everybody happy and wifi connection.

How do you you know when a Pokemon is happy?

In certain Pokemon games a person will tell you your Pokemon's happines. Others you have to use an item on it and find out yourself.

What do you tell walda's dad to make her happy in Pokemon emerald?

You have to type in "PAttyPete"