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contact backflip studios at support@backflipstudios. or type it up on Google.

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Q: How can you restore your DragonVale account?
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How do you reset your DragonVale account?

Delete the app and then re-install it.

How Reactivate my I am account?

How to restore an imvu account

Can someone hack a DragonVale account for more gems and food Game centre ID is kimmijanssen Please will be appreciated?

Hacking in a DragonVale account for more gems and food is not allowed per the game rules.

How do you get rid of the account pop up screen in DragonVale?

You don't. Just ignore it.

How do you restore your Gmail account?

You can restore your account easily. However once deleted, the account cannot be restrored. It is deleted permanently.

How do you restore your Twitter account?

You can't.

When you restore your iPod does your data stay on your itunes account?

Yes when you restore your iPod all your data will still be on your iTunes Account. As the system is restoring system files and not your media stored on the device or within iTunes.

How do you download DragonVale for PC?

There is no dragonvale for PC

How much will it cost to get an iPod restored?

You can find a restore item in settings under general menu. Also you can restore through your iTunes account.

What are reedem codes for dragonvale?

DragonVale does not have redeem codes.

What are nicknames for DragonVale?

DragonVale is sometimes referred to as DV.

How do you start over on the itouch game DragonVale?

I'm pretty sure the only way to start over is to create a new gamcenter account.