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You have to do all the quests in Mobius and Farie Forest in order.

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Q: How do you get to Escherion on AQWorlds?
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Where do you find escheron in AQWorlds?

You can find Escheron in the /join escheron map in AQWorlds. Escheron is the corrupted version of Frostvale, where players embark on quests to stop the Frostspawn invasion.

What is The Pronunciation of Escherion In AQWorlds?

its pronounced: Es (S) Cher (Cheer) Rion (Reeon)

Can you battle the Hydra Heads again after you knocked down Escherion's tower down in AQWorlds?

no i dont think you can

Where can you get a voucher of miltonius in AQWorlds?

*Voucher of Nulgath Complete the quest Nulgath (mana energy dropped by the mana golem) or the quest Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance (escherion's helm dropped by Escherion)

Who is the 5th lord of chaos in AQWorlds?

the first is escherion the second are the twins the third is vath fourth is kitsune fith is wolfwing (He's due out in a few days)

Where is miltonius in AQWorlds?

miltonius is in tercessuinotlim. but the things u need r strand of vaths hair, escherion chain, 50 cubes and 50 bone dust

How do you get to miltonius the npc in AQWorlds?

You need to be able to go to Escherion, Vath and Kitsune. You need x50 bone dust, x1 hydra scale, aracara fang, strand of vath hair, odokuro's tooth and escherion's chain. And x50 defeated Makai. Then, to get to Miltonius the NPC, check on youtube.

In aqw how to get escherion's robe?

go to escherion

Where is the third chaos lord in aqworlds?

fyi (for your info) the third lord of chaos is vath, for the first is escherion and the second are the twins. just do /join stalagbite. watch out. stalagbite really bites.

How do you easily beat escherion in AQworlds?

The best way to kill, not only Escherion, but other bosses is to have a good equipment and a strong party (atleast 3-4 persons). Also destroy his staff first because it makes him invulnerable. Lastly, if you or one of your partymates are dead, click "goto" so that you can help your injured member and also defeat the boss.

What is the rarest item in AQWorlds?

i dont know exactly but starsword breaker is prety rare now. corecting myself escherion or hydra armor are the rarest drops -rarest thing i have that i see no one with is the platinum axe of destiny

Who is the third lord of chaos?