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no i dont think you can

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Q: Can you battle the Hydra Heads again after you knocked down Escherion's tower down in AQWorlds?
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How do you get the haydra scale on Mythology Island?

You go to the Hydra's cave underwater near Poseidon's lair, and jump on its heads when they lunge at you. And when all the heads are knocked out, click on the Hydra and you'll get the scale.

What do you do in the hydra cave on Mythology island?

You jump on the heads and you take the scale after they're all knocked out. It may take a while.

How do yu get hydras scale on poptropica?

To get the hydra's scale you have to jump on its heads when it tries to bite you. Keep doing this until you have knocked out all the heads. Once you've done that go under the hydra and get the scale.

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Where do you find the hydra scale on Mythology Island?

You have to wait until the hydra tries to bite you. You have to jump on the head to knock it out. Once all of the heads are knocked out, you swim below and you will find the scale.

How do you get the scale from hydra in poptropica?

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