How can you get a Celebi egg?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well in Soulsilver you can get a Celebi egg if you go to GameStop and get a Celebi and get the Pokemon and get a ditto and wait a while and boom you have a egg

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Q: How can you get a Celebi egg?
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How do you get a celebi egg?

You can not get a celebi egg!

Can Celebi have an egg in Pokemon black version?

No, Celebi or any other Legendary Pokemon can't have an egg.

How do get Celebi on Pokemon Gold?

You will have to cheat for it. Or alternatively you can do a glitch to do it. Type in on google: Celebi egg trick.

What is the ar code to get a Celebi egg in soul silver?

u cannot get a celebi egg, unless u want a bad egg, which corrupts ur whole game, leaving u forced to restart. trust me. i learned that the hard way.but u can get a normal celebi if u go to, and search celebi ar code. hope this helps! ;)

Do you receive a Zoura egg in Pokemon black without the Celebi?

no also zorua isn't in egg

What is the Celebi egg trick?

Im not sure if its a trick, but i know in Pokemon Black by having a Celebi from the event you can obtain Zora.

Can Celebi be born with male alakazam and female megenium?

No, Celebi cannot be hatched from an egg. In addition, Alakazam and Meganium cannot breed with each other.

What is the Celebi egg trick in Pokemon platinum?

You can get action replay for $20. Or, get 1 from a trade.

How many pokemon in gold silver?

I think 252 Including Celebi And The Egg of Ushie And Miltank....

How do you get celibie in Pokemon Crystal?

You have to get the GS ball which is only found in the Japenese version or by a GameShark or special event. You then must go to Ilex Forest and go to the little shrine, then put the ball there and then Celebi will come! Note: Celebi is level 30.

How many steps does it take to hatch a bad egg that is celebi in Pokemon soulsilver?

it takes 1 hole day

How do you have a gible egg in Pokemon heartgold without cheats?

Celebi: You don't. Gible: Breed any of the Garchomp line.