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Action replay,make Zoruark have an egg(which I did),or get special event Celebi(which I missed out on). You don't catch it in the wild... :(

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Q: How do you catch zora in Pokemon Black?
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Is zora a legendary in Pokemon?

yes it is. Its in black and white. you need celebei to catch it. and its spelt zoroa

Where is zoroak on Pokemon Black?

you have go to game stop and get celibi (I don't think you can do it anymore but you might just have to catch it) and then Zora is disguised in a town as another Pokemon basically you have to evolve Zora.

How do you get zora Pokemon black?

in an event

How do you get zora on Pokemon black?

you have to trade the event celebi from heartgold, soulsilver, diamond, pearl, or platinum. you cant regularly catch him in the wild.

Can you catch a zora in Pokemon platinum?

yes but only with a special event.

How do you catch Zapdos in Pokemon Black?

to catch zapdos in pokemon black you have to have every legendary pokemon

Where can you catch bisharp in Pokemon Black?

You dont catch it in pokemon black you have to evolve it into bisharp

Who to catch raquza in Pokemon Black?

You cannot catch Rayquaza in-game in Pokemon Black.

What legendary pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Black but not white?

In Pokemon black you catch RESHIRAM and TORNADUS In Pokemon white you catch ZEKROM and THUNDERUS Sources : myself

Can you catch Reshiram in Pokemon Black version?

Yes you can catch Reshiram in Pokemon black and you can catch zekrom in Pokemon white hope it helped.

What times can you catch thundrus in Pokemon Black?

You cannot catch Thundurus in Pokemon Black, he is exclusive to Pokemon White.

How do you catch a Zekrom in Pokemon Black?

You can't catch it in Pokemon Black. You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon White.