Can you catch Celebi in Emerald?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No you cannot catch Celebi in Pokemon Emerald.

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Q: Can you catch Celebi in Emerald?
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Can you catch Celebi in heart gold?

no. you only can get celebi in emerald, sapphire, and/or ruby.

How do you get Celebi in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on Game Boy?

im not very sure if u ca catch celebi in sapphire you can oly catch in emerald sorry.

How do you catch Celebi in Pokemon Emerald?

Celebi is not obtainable in any games, but is obtainable from the Colosseum Bonus Disc in Japan or form a Pokemon event distributing Celebi.


Celebi cannot be caught in Pokemon Emerald by normal means. You'll need a cheating device such as a Gameshark or Action Replay to encounter one.

Can you catch celebi in Pokemon emerald version without cheats or action replay?


Can you catch Deoxys Celebi Mew and other legendary Pokemon in HeartGold or SoulSilver?

No, Deoxys is only in Emerald, and you need to migrate it to can catch it. As for Celebi and Mew, you need a cheat code for them.

Where can you find Celebi in Pokemon pearl?

you get celebi on a gba game such as... ruby Sapphire emerald fire red leaf greenYou cannot catch Celebi in Pearl. Celebi is a Special Event accessible Pokemon only.

Can you catch Celebi in platinuim?

you can not catch celebi in Pokemon platinum

Pokemon emerald can you catch Celebi?

yes, use a event defeat 1000 wild Pokemon in forest (with out turning of game or saving)

How do you catch a Celebi to catch a zorua?

You have to get a Gamstop Celebi to activate the Zorua event.

Where do you catch Celebi Pokemon White?

You can't catch celebi in pokemon white.

Catch Celebi in Pokemon Emerald?

Catching Celebi in PokemonTo get CELEBI in CRYSTAL VERSION I heard that you have to catch all 26 different UNOWN. Then Put the following UNOWN in you party in this order(From top to bottom). UNOWN C, UNOWN E, UNOWN L, UNOWN E, UNWON B, and UNOWN I. Then go to the shrine in ILEX FOREST and click on it. NOTE: This might not work because it says you need two UNOWN E.