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The Same You Do on Pokemon Diamond and pearl You Go to Some Poke centre and talk to everyone until you see this person that gives you the clothes there are ice trainer,Lol i dont know much of em ik there is a school kid too i choosed ice trainer cuz he rockz:D


Go to the Violet City Pokecenter and talk to the boy on the second floor. He will ask how others see you and from there you can choose.


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Q: How can you change your appearance in the Pokemon Soul Silver union room?
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How can you change your appearance in the Pokemon Platinum union room?

To change your appearance in Pokemon Platinum's Union Room you need to talk to an NPC in the Oreburgh Pokemon Center. The NPC in question has the appearance of a Psychic trainer.

What is the action replay code to change your appearance in the union room on Pokemon platinum?

How can you change your appearance in the Pokemon Diamond union room?

Just talk to the woman in the Pokemon Center of Oreburgh City.

Were can you find Lapras in Pokemon silver?

Union Cave

How do you conect to Pokemon soul silver from Pokemon diamond to trade Pokemon?

Go to the Union Room.

How do you get TM39 Pokemon Soul Silver?

You find it in Union Cave.

Where do you trade Pokemon on Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can trade Pokemon in the union room, the basement, and even in Goldenrodcity at the GTS place.

Can Pokemon platinum battle Pokemon soul silver?

Yeah, if you mean the WiFi battle in the Union Room.

When could you catch labreas in Pokemon silver?

B1F of the Union Cave on Friday.

How do you get through Union Cave In Pokemon Soul Silver?

walk?? look around!!

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Platinum to Pokemon soul silver?

Go to the union room on the second floor of the pokemon center, or trade over wifi.

Where is the union room in soul silver?

It is upstairs of the Pokemon center the first person to your left