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That's impossible sorry... To quote... actually you'd need the help of a GameShark to change the Pokemon's gender specifically... I'm unsure of the actual code itself, but it's out there. Though, if you mean by hatching EGGS and whatnot... you can save before the egg hatches and L+R+A+Start to soft reset the game to keep changing the egg until you get the gender and everything you want. For starter Pokemon, save the game before you save Professor Birch. That way, you can soft reset there and get the gender starter you want. Otherwise... it's technically impossible... especially for the single-gender only Pokemon.

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Q: How can you change a gender of a Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?
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You cant,But if you want to change gender restart the game

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Yes. ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA May also make you fly.

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it's random

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to change the gender release a Pokemon that can be caught in the wild, go where it was caught and you will find it same level, same moves, same exp points but the opposite gender.