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May also make you fly.

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Q: Is there a code to change your main character's gender in Pokemon emerald on the PC being played on an emulator?
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How do you change your Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald I play a emulator game on my computer..?

As far as I know, it's not possible to send Pokemon from a computer emulator to an actual game. You should really be playing with the official one anyway.

How do you hack Pokemon Emerald to change characters and scenery using a GameShark?

Who the hell knows?!

What do you do in altering cave in Pokemon Emerald?

Basicaly the Pokemon change in there, but I don't know how to change the Pokemon.

How do you hack in Pokemon emerald version so the words will change?

YOU CAN NOT HACK INTO ITYOU CAN ONLY GET A ENGLISH OR JAPANENSE laungue Use a ROM and an emulator first (like VBA or No$gba) and download advance text.

Does the egg change Pokemon depending on which starter Pokemon you pick in Pokemon emerald?


What are the arrow keys for Pokemon emerald emulator ROM like backspace is select and z is a and b is x?

Just the Arrows on your keyboard. If you are using VBA, change the joypad by using Option > Joypad >Configure > 1...

Can we change blazakin into recanath in emerald Pokemon?


How do you change your clock on Pokemon emerald?

you can't

How do you change the Pokemon in the altering cave in Pokemon emerald?

it's random

Why does your Pokemon roms wont play in visualboyadvance?

lack of grammar there... but to the point try going to options>emulator>save type then change it to 128k and restart the emulator your Pokemon roms should then play fine

Is there a Gameshark code change your spirit in Pokemon Emerald?

yes there is

How do you change your avatar on Pokemon emerald?

You cant,But if you want to change gender restart the game