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to get them you must have Pokemon emerald/ruby/Sapphire then you must catch then by unlocking their caves on emerald/ruby/Sapphire then you must make sure that you have defeated the elite four on Pokemon pearl/diamond (it works on both) then insert the GBA Cartridge and then play diamond/pearl and where it says new game and continue it should say import from Pokemon (which ever one you have placed in GBA slot) click on it then do the same as you done on the GBA cartridge also by doing this you can get the king of the 3, regigigas if you go to the hideout of it (i forgot where it is lol)

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Q: How can you catch reg ice steel and rock in Pokemon pearl?
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What type Is weak to steel type in Pokemon Pearl?

ice and rock

Where are the 3 Reggie's in Pokemon Pearl?

There are three that are Ice, Steel and Rock. Ice- Reggieice Steel-Reggiesteel Rock- Reggierock King Reggie is Reggiegigas

Can you catch regirock on Pokemon pearl?

No, you'll have to trade it from Platnium. Which in Platnium you find it in the Rock Peak Ruins.

Where do you find Regirock in Pokemon pearl?

It is in the Snowpoint temple, on the bottom floor, however I think you need an ice, rock and steel Pokemon first.

Were can you find regi rock regi ice and regi steel in Pokemon Pearl?

You can not capture any of the regis in Pokemon pearl, diamon, or platinum you have to migrate from ruby, sapphire, or emerald. or trade with someone who has them.

What is the weakness of ice type in Pokemon Pearl?

Ice type Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl are weak to fighting type moves, rock type moves steel type moves and fire type moves. This has not changed since the first generation (Pokemon Red and Blue/Green) when the steel type did not exist.

What can bastiodon know?

be more4 pasific please um first moves or on Pokemon ranger he can know rock steel and hidden power moves (rock) (steel) that's a good quality though i would go with getting a manaphy on Pokemon ranger through to Pokemon pearl maybe

What is the code to get regirock in pearl?

you cant you can only get regi rock regi ice and regi steel in Pokemon platinum when you have the national pokedex

What is Byron's Bastiodon's weakness in Pokemon Pearl?

Bastidon is both Rock and Steel type. Both Rock and Steel types are weak against Ground and Fighting. Either will have a x4 type advantage over Bastidon.

Are there any rock Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Of course!

What is the AR code to get Ho-oh in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't get Ho-Oh in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond. You have to catch it at Navel Rock in LeafGreen,FireRed,or Emerald.(You need a mystic ticket to get there). Then migrate it to Pearl or Diamond.Then you'll have Ho-Oh.

Can you catch feebas in pearl?

yes you can it is under a rock

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