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Well you'll need to evolve a dratini. To get a dratini go into the safari park with a super rod...go to the first body of water you see and keep fishing, with a bit of luck you might find it...

go to this link:

In area one of the safari zone there is a body of water. Fish here with a super rod found in a house on route 12. There is a 70% chance of magikarp, 20% chance of Dratini, and 10% chance of finding Dragonair. Dratini is level 10 and Dragonaire is level 15.

If you want to catch Dratini just throw poke balls and hope that luck is on your side. Otherwise throw 1 rock to make it easier to catch and hope it doesn't flee. If you want to catch Dragonair then you might need to throw 1 rock to have any chance of getting it, but by doing this there is a high chance of it fleeing and still a low chance of you catching it. You need to be really lucky to catch a Dragonair, but you should also just go for Dratini because it is more common and will probably end up stronger since you are training it from a lower level.

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Q: How can you catch dragonair in Pokemon Yellow?
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Where do you catch dragonair in Pokemon Yellow?

to my knowledge,you cannot catch a dragonair in yellow version, but you can catch dratini in the safari zone

How do you catch dragonair in Pokemon SoulSilver?


Do you have to have the super rod to catch dragonair in Pokemon diamond?


Where do you fish in the safari zone to catch dragonair in Pokemon Yellow?

If you try a super rod on the water on the entrance area, you should see one after a while. The tough thing is to catch can catch a dratini in the safari zone in fushia city, then evolve it at level 36 to get a dragonair**tip: dragonair evolves into dragonite at level 55

Is there another way to catch a dragonair in Pokemon gold?

Dragon's Den + Super Rod = Dragonair

What Pokemon can you catch at the dragons den in Pokemon HeartGold?

magikarp dratini dragonair

Can you catch a Dragonite in Pokemon HeartGold?

No, you need to evolve a Dragonair.

Where do you catch a dragonnight on Pokemon cystal?

you cant catch him as a dragon nite you have to do it as a dritint or dragonair

Do you need super rod to catch dragonair in Pokemon crystal?


Where can you catch a dranti on Pokemon FireRed?

At Fuchsia City, Safari Zone, if you have a super rod or perhaps a good rod, then you can catch rare Pokemon in the water edge, you can catch a dratini, dragonair, sea king, goldeen, dragonair's are rare, so if you come across them i suggest you try your hardest to catch them, coz the next step up from dragonair is DRAGONITE. it goes Dratini-Dragonair-DRAGONITE. Hope this helps

What level does dratini evolve at on Pokemon Yellow?

he evolves into dragonair at lvl 30 and dragonair evolves at lvl 55 into dragonite

Where do you find dragonair in Pokemon Diamond?

You catch it in mt cornetbut its quite rare