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You would have to go to a Nintendo event, there is one coming up at Toys R' Us' in America November 7 through 15, 2009

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Q: How can you catch Arceus in pearl without cheat codes?
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How do you get arceus after 15 November?

Cheat Codes!!!!!!!!!

What is the cheat code to get Arceus?

you dont need codes for arceus!for more info ask "how do you get arceus by using ar"

How do you get Arceus without cheat codes?

To get ARCEUS in platinum. Get the Azure Flute (the event hasn't come out yet). Go to the Spear Pillar and it will ask to play it. Stairs will then appear and at the top is the hall of origin. ARCEUS will be there at Level 80

How do you catch Arceus without master ball?

if its in a cave use dusk balls and ultra balls or just go and get arceus by ar or action replay codes but u should have had saved that master ball for arceus

What legendaries can you catch in Pokemon Diamond?

dialga regigigas cressellia phione manaphy shaymin arceus giratina heatran uxie mesprit azelf In pearl u can catch palkia but not in diamond

R4 cheat codes for Pokemon pearl get arceus?

You can't do it just like that. But you can do an azure flute cheat.

How can you make a ultra ball catch without fail?

This is impossible without the use of cheat codes, unfortunately. Only the Master Ball can catch Pokemon without fail.

Where would you find action replay codes to catch a Arceus?

you can find action replay codes to catch arceus by getting on and typing in azure flute code and you will find a video that gives you the code

Pokemon SoulSilver where is Arceus?

You can't get a Arceus in SoulSilver, unless you went to the event where they gave you one. The event has already passed, so you can't get it unless:1) You trade it from someone2) You use cheat codes to get one.

How do you get a Shaymin in Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness with action replay codes?

theres no way. you cant catch arceus without action replay either.

Is it possible to catch mew without cheat codes?

Nope, sorry. Only available via game shark or glitching

Where do you catch arcues in Pokemon white?

You can't catch Arceus in White nor Black. The only ways to get one are through the Global Trade Station, transferring it from an older game, like Pearl or Diamond,or through Action Replay cheat codes.