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You should use a "Timeball". Go in the battle, and fight 20 minutes, then you should catch without failing.

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Q: Is there a way to catch Pokemon without fail while not using any cheat codes?
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How can you make a ultra ball catch without fail?

This is impossible without the use of cheat codes, unfortunately. Only the Master Ball can catch Pokemon without fail.

Are there any cheat codes to catch regigigas?

I don't even think in Pokemon you can use cheat codes because I have almost every game. Unless you mean Pokemon online then no

How do catch another trainer?

If you mean another trainers Pokemon you have to use cheat codes

Where is Celebi on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cannot catch celebi in Pokemon leafgreen. you can only get it through cheat codes or trading.

How do you find Celebi in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot catch Celebi unless you are using cheat codes or waiting for Pokemon events.

How do you catch trainers pokemon in pokemon emerald?

you can't normally, but you can with cheat codes for gameshark, ProActionReplay etc. (cheat devices0 you can compleat the pokedex then go to prof berc and git a one from difrint version but that's it without a game shark

How do you get cheat codes without Pokemon action repay?

You can't. Unless you use another cheat system.

Can you put cheat codes on Pokemon white without the action replay dsi?


Are there cheat codes for pokemon platinum and black without action replay?

Sadly, no.

How do you enter cheat codes on Pokemon platinum without action replay?

You don't

Can you catch the ghost of Marowak in the tower on Pokemon FireRed and if so how?

You cannot catch it without cheat codes because the Marowak is a scripted special Pokemon "ghost." If you really want a Marowak, you can get one by evolving a cubone or catching one on Victory Road.

How can you get shiny Pokemon in soul silver version without using cheat codes?

You just need to hope one randomly appears or you can catch the red Gyrados at the lake of rage