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There are several ways you can breathe underwater.

The first and easiest way is to simply put a torch at face level, it will replace the water with air, but it be destroyed and pop off the wall quickly.

Another way is to carry some sugar canes (AKA Reeds/Papyrus) and quickly throw one down on your feet, and another on top of it, because of the weird way that water works, you will be able to place them if you are quick enough, but like the torch they will also be destroyed. This way might be better if you are gravel mining underwater.

But, gravel does spawn elsewhere than underwater.

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Q: How can you breathe underwater in minecraft because you really need to mine gravel for flint?
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Why does everything fly in Minecraft except sand and gravel in Minecraft?

Because sand and gravel are "crumply" in real life, if that is a good word. So every other resource can be placed in the air without a support block under it.

How do you get flint in Minecraft?

You mine gravel, sometimes flint is dropped when you break a block of gravel.

An underwater or exposed ridge of sand gravel or shell material?

ground water

Can you produce flint in minecraft by dropping gravel on a torch?

Yes it is actually the fastest way to get flint from gravel. There is a small chance to actually get flint from gravel ether way.

How do you find flint in minecraft?

Flint is sometimes dropped when you mine gravel.

How can you make flint on Minecraft?

When you destroy gravel, there will be a 10% chance of it dropping flint.

How do you make a gravel sword in minecraft?

You can't, unless you're using mods.

What do you use gravel for in Minecraft?

Other than using gravel for building, gravel is useful to farm for flint. When you mine gravel with a shovel, there is a small chance that instead of dropping a gravel block, it will drop flint. Flint can be used in crafting recipes such as flint and steel as well as arrows

How can you get flint in Minecraft?

Recently in the 0.3.3 Alpha, Mojang added the ability to receive Flint from breaking Gravel. It is also possible to make Flint and Steel.

How do you break endstone in minecraft?

break gravel with your fist or a shovel over and over. Most of the time it will keep dropping gravel, but if you do it enough, it will randomly turn into flint. Be paitent!

Could you see netherrack in minecraft?

Yes, it's the red 'gravel' in the Nether, most of the scenery is made out of it.

How do you make a bridge in minecraft?

With any block except sand or gravel. Use your imagination and show us on Youtube!