How can you beat a garchomp?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Garchomp takes x4 damage from Ice Type moves, and x2 from Dragon Moves, so it would be obvious to use either an ice type or a dragon type.

Weavile is an ice type that can outspeed a Garchomp and potentially KO it.

Floatzel is a water type that can learn ice fang, ice punch and ice beam and it is also faster that Garchomp, so that can also K.O it.

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Q: How can you beat a garchomp?
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How do you see garchomp?

you need to beat the elite four and Cynthia has an level 54 garchomp.

Could sceptile beat garchomp?

No, Garchomp is too fast, and it can OHKO Sceptile after a Swords Dance.

Which are the best Pokemon to beat the battle frontier?

If it was me, I would use garchomp, floatzel and electabuzz. The best possible team is garchomp, a starter and metagross

How do you beat Cynthia's Garchomp- her Garchomp just knocks all my Pokemon out in the first try- all my Pokemon are lvl 60 or higher?

Use an ice type Pokemon

I have a Pokemon party of Pokemon Diamond Roserade Infernape and Floatzel How can I beat Garchomp?

make your floatzel learn icebeam by TM but level it up first because her garchomp has giga impact.

Who is harder to beat Cynthia or Lance in Pokemon?

okay cythia because she has a lv61 garchomp and a spiratomb who has no weaknesess

What is a good Pokemon team in platinum after you beat the elite 4?


How do you beat Cynthia with a Infernape Electivire Giratina Whiscash Hippowdon and a Garchomp?

it depends of lvls train hard or do your best

Could Garchomp beat regigigas?

no it cant because regigigas could do all kinds of attack like electric,fire,water,ground,physic and regigigas is a legendary pokemon so garchomp has no chance of winning.

What Pokemon will beat the elite four in Pokemon pearl?

If you can get a garchomp from level 85-100 with some potions you can kill all of them

What is better garchomp or sandslash?


Can you beat elite four with Torterra lv 100 Drifloon lv 60 Rapidash lv 60 Staraptor lv 70 Garchomp lv 90 and Buizel lv 60?

Heck ya use garchomp on Cynthia