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Sinnoh Pokedex

people have been asking "what is Pokemon 111 in the sinnoh pokedex?" It is Garchomp. There are 2 ways of seeing/catching Garchomp.

1. Beat Cynthia

2. It is the top evoulution of Gible

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Q: What is Pokemon number 111 in Sinnoh Region?
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In Pokemon diamond Sinnoh pokedex where and what is number 111?

vfrt in the pokedex for sinnoh #111 in the pokedex is a garchomp

Pokemon Diamond what Pokemon is number 111 on diamond pokedex?

Number 111 on the sinnoh poke-dex is garchomp which can be seen in Cinthia's party in Pokemon league. In the national dex it is rhyhorn which is in victory road and stark mountain.

In pearl pokedex who is number 111?

Gachomp is #111 in the Sinnoh Pokedex.

Where can you get a Gible in Pokemon Ruby?

It is not a selectable Pokémon in Ruby. If in doubt as to which characters are "4th generation" you can consult the Pokédex website. Gible didn't exist in the original Ruby game. In Pokemon Omega Ruby, however, you can catch a Gible (as a Hidden Pokemon) on Route 111.

What Pokemon is 111 on Pokemon Platinum?


What is the national pokedex number for Rhyhorn?

Rhyhorn is #111 in the national pokedex, and it is a Ground-Rock type Pokemon.

Who Is Pokemon 111 on Platinum?

The 111th Pokemon on Platinum is Garchomp.

What is number 111 in Pokemon Diamond?

If you are talking about Pokemon 113 (Chansey), then it is on route 210 and route 209 (Both By Solaceon Town). It's a very difficult one to catch!

Is 111 an odd or even number?

111 is an odd number.

What is the 111 Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

Garchomp go in the Pokemon league the last trainer of it.

Where do you find the Pokemon baltoy in Pokemon emerald?

Route 111 (Desert)

What region will Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum say a Pokemon is from in the summary if you traded it from Pokemon leaf green or fire red to ruby sapphire or emerald and then migrate them?

The description on the Pokemon will either say it came from cinnibar island or route 111 or it will say met in a distant land or met in a trade whichever it says. The region for firered and leafgreen is kanto and ruby/sapphire and emerald is hoenn.