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For widowed sims:

1. Make your sim go to the deceased spouse's grave.

2. Mourn

3. After your sim has gotten through their day fulfill all needs that are imperfect. [ctrl+shift+c 'testingcheatsenabled true' shift-click on the mailbox, select 'make needs static']

5. Make your sim stay up and have all lights in the house off, including outside lights&etc.

6. Watch the grave and see if the ghost appears- music will play too. If your sim had a good relationship with them they will appear soon, usually after the 'Heartbroken' moodlet on your sim dissapears

7. Sometimes relationships are killed and forgoten when the spouse dies. Do a few romantic interactions on the ghost. If they don't like it it's over, or if the 'Ask if single' option is there it's over too.

8. If they do like it check the Mean option and click 'Ask to be just friends' or 'Break Up'

9. This will break up any romantic relationship between the sims- romantic interests, marriage, engagements And allow your sims to fall in love and comit to another Sim.

10. Your sim is now single and on the prowl!! Just break up with the ghost and you're set

For sims who's partner is still alive-

This is easy,

1. Go to your sim you're married to

2. Click 'mean' then 'break up'- If they both have really, REALLY good relationship then it will not appear. In that case just do a ton of Mean interactions until the 'fight' option replaces the 'friendly' option spot

3. Once the relationship is ruined click on the sim and click 'Mean' then click 'Break Up'.

4. ALOT less steps then for widowed sims, but your sim is now single and ready to mingle!!

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Q: How can sims 3 get married for the second time?
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