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I don't really understand you but there are 3 sims game: The sims,The sims 2 and The Sims 3. So maybe sims 2? Or, there have been expansions sims 3 world adventures was first so that could be the second sims 3 game and ambitions was after that so that is the second expansion. Sorry if I didn't answer your question. :)

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Q: What is the name of the SECOND Sims 3?
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What was the name of the second Sims 3 expansion pack?

World adventures

What is the name of the second Sims 2 expansion pack?

The first expansion pack was University.

What Sims 3 are out?

Lots are out. The sims 3 university, sims 3 nightlife, sims 3 adventures, sims 3 generations... you name it!

In the sims 3 ambitions how do you have a second baby?

The Sims 3 PC; Get the two sims to try for a baby. That's basically all.

Can you have a second baby on sims 3?


The sims 3 how to change your name as a child?

In the Sims 3 to change any ones name you go to city hall and select the option change Sims name and then you choose which Sims name you want to change.

Can you name sims what you want on Sims 3?


Which sims game is the best the first one or the second one?

The best Sims game is the second one but Sims 3 is coming out in 2009, March and that will be even better!!!

How do you have a second baby on sims 3 ambitions?

i was told ur not able to have more than one baby in the sims 3 ambititions!

How can you change the last name of your Sims on Sims 3 after you married two Sims but the female Sims' last name did not change?

Go to City Hall and click on it and it will say 'Change Name'.

What are some games like sims 3?

i know their maple story it a rp game which is funner than sims 3 and there second life. or just play sims 2... (ಥ_ಥ)Club penguin is just like the sims 3

How do you change a Sims name on Sims 3 for ps3?

you go to the town hall and click the change name option.