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The best Sims game is the second one but Sims 3 is coming out in 2009, March and that will be even better!!!

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Q: Which sims game is the best the first one or the second one?
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Do you need the first sims to play the second game?

no, if you want to install the sims 2 you do not need the sims 1 installed.

What is the name of the SECOND Sims 3?

I don't really understand you but there are 3 sims game: The sims,The sims 2 and The sims 3. So maybe sims 2? Or, there have been expansions sims 3 world adventures was first so that could be the second sims 3 game and ambitions was after that so that is the second expansion. Sorry if I didn't answer your question. :)

What was the first your sims game?

My first Sims game was the original Sims and then I got Sims Makin' Magic.

What is the first Sims game made?

the first ever game what called 'sims' and was on xbox.

What Sims game does the kids grow up?

The first Sims game

Is Sims 3 the best?

The majority of people say the first game is the best. This is because the original idea is always the most creative. The Sims 3 is an amazing game, there is so much more you can do for your sims. However there are disadvantages. You have to learn to get around the new game layout. I recommend you download the first improvement available. This helps a lot.

What is the best Sims game for GameCube that can have babies besides The Sims?

sims unleashed

What language does the sims 2 speak?

They speak Simoleon. It was first used in The Sims 1. Mabye you missed it while first playing the Game. I Only play The Sims 1 but im pretty sure they mentioned it in the second one.

What sims game is the best overall?

Sims 2 by far is the best. But Sims 3 looks very promising.

What is The Sims 1?

The Sims 1 is the first game in the wildly popular The Sims series of computer games. It is the second most popular game for PC ever created, with 16 million copies shipped (according to Wikipedia) to its sequel The Sims 2's 20 million. It is generally agreed to be an excellent game for PC.

What is the best game out in the world?

The sims house party and the sims superstar

What was the first sims game?

It was probably Sims on the PS2