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giving away/trading accounts is against runescape's rules... please do not break these rules, just make your own account...

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Q: Has anyone got a free high runescape acct they will give to me for free pleaseeee?
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Has anyone got a RuneScape account for free?

You should check this on Runescape forum.

Looking for a free RuneScape acct?

I hope you don't trust there are real free runescape accounts. Many players provide free runescape accounts on some game forum, which is a cheating method! I sugget you buy runescape accounts from trustworthy website, such as Farmer100. It is much cheaper than from official website but with high level skills. Good luck for you!

Can anyone give you a decent runescape account?

You can get a free RuneScape account on the game's website.

Does anyone one have a free good runescape account?

I did.

Can someone pleaseeee give me a free code for 1000 v-bucks?


Does anyone have any old Runescape accounts their not using I can have?

This is against the RuneScape rules. But you can create your own account for free, on the RuneScape server.

Can anyone send me a free runescape account that they don't play anymore. my email address is

You can get a free account by registering at the Runescape site:

Does anyone have a free runescape account over lvl 85?

guess what.

Does anyone have a runescape account over lvl 85 for free?

Probably not.

Does anyone have a free runescape account they dont use?

Yes can you give it to me?

Can anyone give you a high lvl runescape account free please?


Can anyone give you a free runescape account please?

You can go to and create an account for free.