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Your best bet is games like Combat Arms, Sudden Attack, and war-related FPS's. Although, you could try playing DC Universe Online, where you can create a character who uses guns, and completes quests whilst looking for better equipment.

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Q: Free online games like runescape but with guns?
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What is the best free war game online?

It really depends on what of type of warfare you are looking for. If you are looking for warfare with guns and tanks I really like warfare 1917 from It is about World War I

How do you get guns on gangster life free mode without doing any missions?

no way

What is the best free game online?

Just go to, they have EVERYTHING!! Sometimes you may have to search, but it pays off because of all the fun games.And the best free to play online fps games are:in my opinion i say combat arms. it does lag a little,and there are some hackers but still a good game. you gotta also download it. its for free.It contains hundreds of guns,very good graphics,multiplayer,zombies,tdm,etc. about 15 gameplay modes,clan battles,Very fun to play!WEBSITE: second opinion is Arctic Combat,free to play,mw2 style ,Good graphics,gameplay,multiplayer,bots,and about 20 guns.Almost No Hackers.Rare glitches.And free to play.Clans.WEBSITE: My 3rd Opinion is AVA(Alliance Of Valiant Arms) Amazing graphics,lots of guns,lots of gameplay modes,bots,multiplayer,Free to play.WEBSITE: My 4th opinion is WAR .INC. Its free to play,lots of guns,multiplayer,realistic,and Fun to play,it has amazing graphics.WEBSITE: more: What_is_the_best_free_game_online

Does Roblox have guns?

Yeah... They do... Just get a script and spawn one, then boom. You have one. Or just go to some shooting games. P.P

When you prestige do you lose your guns?

You do lose your guns, but you do not lose your killstreaks, titles, or emblems.

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Not free would be Fallout 3...thats all i can think of

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