Fire types on SoulSilver

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Here are some of the ones you can get without trading/migrating:

Cyndaquil, Quilava, Typhlosion


Vulpix, Ninetales

Growlithe, Arcanine

Magby, Magmar

Ponyta, Rapidash


Moltres, Entei, Ho-oh

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Q: Fire types on SoulSilver
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What Pokemon should you use to beat the Olivine City Gym in SoulSilver?

fire types such as arcainine ang ninetails also groud types are good

How do you get a firestone in SoulSilver?

you can get a firestone in soulsilver by buying it at the poke"athlon dome on tuesdays

What is steels weekness on SoulSilver?

Fighting, Ground and Fire.

What level does vulpix evolve in soulsilver?

Fire stone

What is better between HeartGold and SoulSilver?

up to you heartgold has ho-ho (fire). soulsilver has forgotten the name (wind)

How do you beat Karen in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Since Karen's Pokemon are Dark types I'd recommend you use fighting types for Umbreon and psychic types on Gengar and her other's should be Vileplume which you need a fire type to defeat and Houndoom which is defeated with a water type.

What is heatrans type Pokemon diamon?

Heatran is a fire and steel type pokemon. And Heatran's types do not change in different games. They are the same in Platinum, Pearl, Diamond, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.

What is the most powerful fire Pokemon in soulsilver?

Maybe Typhlosion.:~)

How do you beat buggsy in soulsilver?

you should use fire type

Can you get a fire stone in SoulSilver?

yes you have to win one at the pokeathlon

What beats dragonnite in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Rock, or Ice types.

When does feraligator learn hydro pump in soulsilver?

At Level 71, Feraligatr learns Hydro Pump. I would strongly recommend it for your Pokemon, as it is a strong and powerful move and exceptionally devasting against Fire-types.