Enchanted DS cheats

Updated: 4/28/2022
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hiya here are the Walt Disney Enchanted Cheats or Recipes

white flower + honey = white flower recipes

blue flower + red flower = purple decorative flower

apple + honey = apple juice

white flower + apple juice = fine white flower nectar

beautiful fallen leaves + acorn = cloth

cloth + bees wax = shiny cloth

spider thread + spider web = sewing thread

sewing thread + spider = high quality thread

spider web + bees wax = adhesive

adhesive + honey = high quality adhesive

white flower + bee = honey

spider + beautiful fallen leaves = spider web

spider + spider web = spider thread

acorn + spider web = spider

beautiful fallen leaves + apple = bee

bee + honey = bee

to find theses recipes go on ur ds on enchanted go on the place where u make the dress click on combine materials then click right button on the back of ur console then it comes up with recipes

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Q: Enchanted DS cheats
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