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You or your parents bought this game for you to play on, not to look up the answers on the internet.

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Q: Cheats how to beat enchanted the ds game?
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How do you get to the castle on enchanted ds game?

How do you get to the castle on the ds game enchanted

What are the cheats for meet the robinsons Nintendo ds game?

There are no cheats.

Can i have cheats for the ds Kingdom Hearts?

there are no cheats for this game and nowhere to type them

What is a game shark and a action replay?

an action replay has cheats for ds a game shark has cheats gameboy

How do you hack a ds game?

by an action replay ds/dsi (you can downlaod cheats for ur ds with it)

Does anyone have simanimal ds game cheats?


Are you smarter than a 5th grader ds cheats?

THeir are no cheats you have to be smart to pass the game.

How do you make red flower nectar on enchanted game on ds?

red flower with honey

Ds dino master cheats?

i don't believe there are any cheats for it because i have the game and i have not been able to find any cheats for this game any where

What are the cheates for TNA the video game?

I have the ds game and... THERE ARE NO CHEATS. I cant find any cheats so..... Good luck with that.

Where do you find the royal jewel on enchanted game for ds?

After you complete the game in enchanted mode you have to go back in andalaisa and defeat the dragon again and after you do a chest will appear and then open it the jewel is inside

Is there any cheats for club penguin ds game?