Ds dino master cheats

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i don't believe there are any cheats for it because i have the game and i have not been able to find any cheats for this game any where

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Q: Ds dino master cheats
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How do you win jewel master Egypt for DS?

At the main menu press LLLRRRLRLRXYYXAAA, and it will give you cheats.

How can you get more master balls in soul silver?

if you have other GBA games then you can play the GBA game on the DS until you get a master ball, and then you can give the master ball to a Pokemon and send it to the pal park on the DS game or you can use cheats xP

Pokemon Diamond Master Ball cheats?


How do you enter cheats from the web directly to your Nintendo ds?

how do you enter cheats on ds

Where do you get a master ball in Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant have to use action replay ds or if u have an r4 download cheats on it good luck

Are there cheats for transformers ds autobots?

=No but there are cheats you can unlock=

What are the cheats for meet the robinsons Nintendo ds game?

There are no cheats.

How do you get unlimited master balls on Pokemon Black and White?

you cant without cheats by cheats i mean ar (action replay) dslx ds dsi you may have to wait 3 months for the 3ds action replay to come out

Can i have cheats for the ds Kingdom Hearts?

there are no cheats for this game and nowhere to type them

How do you hack a ds game?

by an action replay ds/dsi (you can downlaod cheats for ur ds with it)

How do you input cheats on ds emulator iDeaS?

option/cheats are down the bottom

What are cheats for Mario Kart DS?

The only cheats are activated with an Action Replay.