Elliv island cheats

Updated: 4/28/2022
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  • One of them is hikarunogo for 999999 in money

    The other is sagara for 500 in money,

  • BUT, sagara gives you 700 relationship with both of the girls.

Yes these statements are true but to put it into more detail there are only two girls to choose from ivai and ellie here is a detailed list on how to get them i will explain the rest after Ivai

favorite place- beach

favorite jewlry- ring

anime- naruto and seELa

height- 170cm


drink- es degan

film- serial experimental lain

from- flower town

song- dont cried me by anima

favorite gift- flower


game- harvest moon

book-not like to read

not like- play boy


birthday-november 15

food-fried fish is special


car-I havn't




birthday- may 5th

car- I havn't

food-fried rice is special

anime-hikarunogo and slamdunk


books-flash game maker



game-breath of fire IV

from-grass town




not like:play boy

song-never willing by from five minutes


favorite place:Cave Hot Spring you will always find the girls on there favourite places on the first day type in the two cheats above and talk to anyone of them ellie has green hair and avia has pink hair talk tothem once then leave then go back and keep doing it till you become a close friend then offer her a gift her FAVOURITE gift for ivia it is a ring which is $500 and ellie a necklace for $1000 then ask them out click there favourite place as a setting then go into talk on the date and she will ask you questions the answers are above in the box under give there is a blank box put a b or c in it considering which one it is then when you have answeres 20 questions press kiss then press x at the bottom and she will say how she loves you and then the game ends hope i could help :)

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Q: Elliv island cheats
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