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they are either Sagara or Hikarunogo

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Q: What is the cheat name in the elliv island?
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Elliv island cheat code?

=== ===

What cheat code Elliv Island?

sagara and hikarunogo.

What do cheat codes do on elliv island?

Give you a flying car :)

Cheat codes of elliv island?

elliv island cheat code... get 15 on charm and romance then type in sagara and hikarunogo these cheats will give you eternal money and all the girls will like you.

Cheat codes for elliv island dating game?

hikarunogo is one of them

What are the Cheat Codes for Elliv Island?

i know one is sagara, but are the other ones?

What is a cheat code for Elliv Island?

money:hikarunogo ex ponits for girls 700:sagara

How many girls are there in elliv island?

There are two girls in Elliv Island; Ivia and Ellie

What are some games like elliv island?

There is a couple Habbo Hotel Sims 3 Webkinz I hope this helped

Cheats for elliv island?


How do you get a name on Elliv Island?

You either go home or work, and click on save. then it will say empty!!! highlight that, delete it, and put in the name you want!!! ;)

Can someone please tell me some cheets for elliv island?

The Cheat is hikarunogo this is right because i just finished it :) it gives you the most amount of money and the most of charm etc.