Dragon bone xp RuneScape

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You will get 72 Exp Per Dragon Bone Buried, Though if you were to use them on a gilded altar with 2x Burners Lit inside a player owned house you will get 252 Exp per Dragon Bone, OR! you can go Ectofuntus to get 288 Exp per Dragon Bone or By using them on an altar in Dungeoneering Gains 4x the usual Exp (288 Exp)


If you need more exp than that, there's Ourg Bones ( Best Bones For Members ), but remember the more exp they give, the greater the price. Last time I checked on these they were round 10k per, but only give slightly more exp than Dragon Bones. 560 Exp - Ectofuntus, 490 Exp - Gilded Altar x2 Burners Lit, 560 Exp - Dungeoneering, or 140 Exp for just burying them.

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Q: Dragon bone xp RuneScape
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Babydragon bone xp RuneScape?

Babydragon bones give 30 prayer xp per bone if you bury it.

What is a long bone on RuneScape?

A long bone is an item that giants sometimes drop. You can trade it in dorgesh-khaan for 1k construction xp and 1k gp. You can also get a curved bone which gives 2k contruction xp and 2k gp when traded in the city.

What is the best quest to get lots of attack xp on runescape?

for a non-member that's at least lvl 48 (to be safe) the dragon slayers quest (and you need 33 quest pts i think).18,000 strenghth xp and 18,000 attack xp.

How much xp is 50 cooking in runescape?

101,333 xp.

What is the current xp at 99 cooking on runescape?

13,034,431 xp

Runescape do you still get xp when your using canon?

Yes, you get range xp.

How much xp do you get for high alching on RuneScape?

In Runescape, You receive 65 Magic XP for every High Alchemy spell that is cast.

Who is first in total xp on RuneScape?

Elvis is first on the list for Total XP.

Howdragon bones guilded altar?

Ok. This question does not make much sense at all. But I'm guessing you want to know how much xp you get when you use dragon bones with a gilded altar? So...Dragon Bones xp: 72 xp per bone.Gilded Altar: 350% of normal xp.This means that you will get 252 xp per dragon bone used on a gilded altar.NOTE: It is only 350% when there are 2 lit marble burners.

How do you get up xp in RuneScape?

Train skills.

How much firemaking xp do you get per maple log on runescape?

135 xp. Go to TheRedJoker.Webs.Com to find out more and join the biggest clan in runescape.

You have level 27 prayer and you need 37 4 monkey madness on runescape?

the best way to get your prayer to 37 is to do quest's that either reward xp lamps or actual prayer xp. Or if you are willing to spend money buy dragon bones and bury them, they give you 75xp each bone, or the best way is to buy lots of big bones. another good way to get prayer up is to go to pest control and buy prayer xp with your points.