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Q: How much xp do i get from spinning flax on runescape?
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How much xp does spinning flax give you on runescape?

1 piece=15xp so 1 inventory is 420

How much xp is 50 cooking in runescape?

101,333 xp.

How much xp do you get for high alching on RuneScape?

In Runescape, You receive 65 Magic XP for every High Alchemy spell that is cast.

How much fishing xp do you get for anchovies in runescape?


How much firemaking xp do you get per maple log on runescape?

135 xp. Go to TheRedJoker.Webs.Com to find out more and join the biggest clan in runescape.

How much exp does trout give in Runescape?

50 Fishing XP 77 Cooking XP

How much xp do you get from a yew tree on runescape?

175 exp

How much xp is 99 stat on runescape?

The total exp is 13,034,431 experience for a 99 stat on RuneScape.

In runescape how much xp do you need for lvl 40 smithing?

37,224 XP ~Toad. Seven... and a HALF!

How much xp from 50 to 80 construction in runescape?

A LOT. :p

How much xp is trout on runescape?

50XP for fishing 70XP for cooking

How much xp does 1 iron ore give in runescape?