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Blows out but would recomend buying a intercooler for the xbox

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Q: Does the fan on the xbox 360 blow air in or out of the console?
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How do you fix red eye on xbox360?

OK, so I know most of you gamers out there have XBOX 360 problems, the worst of which being the three rings of death. But the main problem is not that your XBOX is dead, or past its warranty, its simply overheated! This means that your XBOX is in a tight space where it cant breathe, so all you've got to do is move your XBOX into an open area (don't for get to keep it plugged in!) with a fan or blowing source on, and try turning it on, also blow through the air holes on your XBOX on the sides, and do not ever put the XBOX facing like this __ it must be like this l and once you turn it on it should work. :^)

How do you get into the wind temple?

you have to blow air on the leaf.

How do you repair Nintendo DS shoulder buttons?

You can blow into the shoulder button that is not working for a temporary fix. But if you want it to stay fixed you should use an air compressor & blow air into the shoulder button that is not working.

Which position should i keep my xbox 360 in?

best way is on its side, don't block the air holes on the bottom of the xbox or around the bottom and top. lay it in a horizontal position, so the text on the DVD draw can be read the right way up, left to right and, the hard disk is on the left. don't block the air vents at the back and, don't place anything on top of the xbox 360. allow as much air flow around the box as you can, this will help it keep cool if its horizontal there seems less chance of the disks scratching, falling out, etc. You can stand the system up vertical that's with the hard disk at the top. for display only. when its not turned on and, when there is no disk in the draw, this is for display only but to use it Microsoft say to have it in a horizontal position. Also don't move the box when you have a disk in drive or, when its powered up. this can cause the disk to scratch or, the leads at the back to pop out.

How do you fix the open tray error on xbox 360?

Either your laser in the drive has died or there is some dust that is causing it to fail reading. See if you can fix it by blowing some compressed air into the drive. If that fails open the Xbox and clean the lens with some optical cleaner. If something else is wrong with the drive either purchase a new drive (you will need to flash it) or a new Xbox. If your not a tech whiz you could also take it to a local repair shop.

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Does the Xbox 360 Intercooler STS use water to cool the xbox 360?

No, the intercooler is a simple little device that props into the back of your console and into a USB port then whenever you turn on your xbox its a fan blowing 15MBZ of cool air into your hard drive... IT HELPS ALOT!

How do you clean the insides of an xbox game console?

Open your CD tray. Spray canned air thru the opening forcing the dust out the rear of your 360 thru the fans. done.

Is there a way to keep your xbox from getting red ring?

Do not play the Xbox 360 for a huge amount of time, this will overheat the GPU. You may want to buy a cooler, some people say this helps to cool down the Xbox. Place your console in a open area, this is because air can get to the xbox and the xbox can release its hot air without any bounce back.

Why does the 360 break?

The 360 often breaks because the fan tends to be to weak to keep the console cool. Also, people place the console in areas where the air is blocked, causing it to over heat.

How do you clean an Xbox?

You shouldn't! If you take apart an Xbox it voids ALL warranties! The best way would be to take compressed air and blow it at the Xbox.

How do you clean your Xbox 360?

You can probably use a can of compressed air, or you can always call the xbox support number and see what they offer.

How do you break the floor in sonic generations for xbox 360?

If you have an Xbox 360 you use the B button while you are in the air. IDK for the others but press the button you use to slide. That should work

How do you clean an xbox 360?

You cant fully clean a Xbox 360. The only way to clean it is either use a hover to suck most dust out of the fan area or use a air can to get rid of the dust.

How do you fix Xbox 360 without taking apart or towels?

Use a toothbrush to clean out the xbox vents, then use an air hose to clean out the inside.

What part of an xbox 360 creates the most heat?

An xbox 360 is basically a computer, so the processor inside of it would create the most heat. The ventilation system in it blows hot air away from the processor, so that is why your xbox may get hot underneath.

What do you do if your xbox 360 will not read games?

First check the disk. If the disc looks fine check the disk drive, and use an air duster to blow out the dust throughout the system. Then retry the disk. If it still doesn't work check your Xbox Live account to see if your warranty is active. if not Microsoft will fix it for $100.

Can an xbox 360 fly in a plane without being damaged?

Yes they can, they ship them via plane everyday. I have sent an xbox by air and it arrived the same as I shipped it.