How do you fix red eye on xbox360?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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OK, so I know most of you gamers out there have Xbox 360 problems, the worst of which being the three rings of death. But the main problem is not that your XBOX is dead, or past its warranty, its simply overheated! This means that your XBOX is in a tight space where it cant breathe, so all you've got to do is move your XBOX into an open area (don't for get to keep it plugged in!) with a fan or blowing source on, and try turning it on, also blow through the air holes on your XBOX on the sides, and do not ever put the XBOX facing like this __ it must be like this l and once you turn it on it should work. :^)

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Q: How do you fix red eye on xbox360?
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How do you fix a xbox360 when getting a ring of death?

It was suppose to be a myth, but if its true I would say that you get a repair guy to fix it or take it to game stop so they can fix the problem.

How long will an Xbox360 last with towel trick?

If the red rings comeback just do it again.

Did Microsoft fix the rrod?

They say they have but there is no telling if it is true. They shipped out a new shipment that they say they fixed, but ofcourse all the stores will continue to try and sell the corrupted xbox360's that get the RROD. So there is not telling when the FIXED xbox360's will actually be sold.

What is Model Mayhem used for?

Model Mayhem is used by photographers and professional photo studios in order to fix and change certain things in pictures, such as red eye or a blur or even something that wasn't supposed to be in the picture.

Is it possible for an XBox 360 to Eat a disk. Like the disk might have fallen inside of the hardware?

In general, no, your Xbox360 shouldn't be eating your disks. However, there are cases where the disk has fallen inside the hardware or the box, if you prefer. In most cases, this only and I say ONLY happens when carrying or moving the Xbox360 around while a disk is inside. (Side note of caution: Do not move your Xbox360 when it is powered, it might damage the disk rendering it unreadable.)In any case, if you suspect your Xbox360 of malfunctioning or eating disk, etc, DO NOT try and fix it yourself as the warranty would not longer be applicable. Simply remove your hard drive and send the box back to Microsoft. They will check it out and fix any problem if necessary! And for a bonus, it's free.

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How can you eliminate red eye from a picture?

you can fix it by getting on your computer and having your pictures downloaded and then clik edit and then click fix red eye and then a little dotted box will show up somewhere on your picture and you have to move it to where you want to fix the red eye at and you click on that spot and it will then change the eye back to its original color...................

How do you fix xbox360?

three flashing red lights of death xbox 360 youtube vidio you go to PC consols ripair shop and they wil fix it

How do you fix an xbox with 1 red ring of death and E 74?

how do u fix the xbox360 1 red ring on the bottom right i don't know do u and can u tell me how too fix it beclause i want to get back too blakoops and halo reach

How do you fix your xbox360 slim power box?


Your Xbox360 has red eye and is quite when it starts and has three red lights but its out of warranty what do i do?

run the serial code at and see if its still within the 3 year warranty. as long as your get the red ring of death within the 3 years of purchasing it, they will replace it for free. other then that, you either have to a.) get a new 360 or b.) shell out like $100 for them to fix your current one.

What is the xbox360 ring of death?

Basically its when your system burns out and when you try to play it where it usually is a green circle all you get is red, hence the red ring of death. If this happens you need to send your system into Microsoft to have them fix it

Why does the xbox360 get the red ring of death?

you get the red ring by playing to long after vevery hour check if the xbox360 is hot if it is turn it off

How can you fix your minecraft xbox360 server when it lags because of TNT what can you do to fix it?

change your frames per second

How can Xbox360 get red rings?

The 3 Red Rings of Death is caused by the xbox360 getting too hot inside and the components start to melt.

Can you fix xbox360 game if they are broke?

Besides Disk Doctors, hardly.

What is a xbox360 slim?

Its the new XBOX360 That came out in 2010 And has Air Vents so you will probably not get the red ring of death.

Can the newest xbox360 get the red ring of death?

Yes it can get the "red ring of death"