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It was suppose to be a myth, but if its true I would say that you get a repair guy to fix it or take it to game stop so they can fix the problem.

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Q: How do you fix a xbox360 when getting a ring of death?
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What is the xbox360 ring of death?

Basically its when your system burns out and when you try to play it where it usually is a green circle all you get is red, hence the red ring of death. If this happens you need to send your system into Microsoft to have them fix it

How do you fix an xbox with 1 red ring of death and E 74?

how do u fix the xbox360 1 red ring on the bottom right i don't know do u and can u tell me how too fix it beclause i want to get back too blakoops and halo reach

What do you do if a game for Xbox360 does not work?

Well if an Xbox360 doesn't work than make sure you have your 1 year warranty and go back to the place you bought it and show them the 1 year warranty. (Make sure that it's under a year from when you bought it) and they will automatically fix it for free!Also please note that your Xbox might have the Ring of Death. Ask about it when getting your Xbox fixed.

Is there a greater risk of getting red ring of doom from an old Xbox360 Premium then the new version with HDMI i.e. Xbox360 Premium Pro?

Well, statistically, yes. But if you already have an old version or wish to save money on one, then go ahead and get it or keep it because Microsoft will fix it for free.

Do Gamestop fix the red ring of death?


Where can you fix red ring of death proffessionally?


Where do you send your xbox 360 if it has the red ring of death?

just let the Microsoft people do. ( like let a Microsoft store fix it ) because the old version of the xbox360 has many errors. All xbox 360s has will it for the old version

How do you fix xbox360?

three flashing red lights of death xbox 360 youtube vidio you go to PC consols ripair shop and they wil fix it

How do you fix the ring of death on Xbox?

Call Xbox and get it repaired!

Is there a video of how to fix red ring of death?

yes its on youtube

How do you fix the red ring of death with one ring?

1 ring means an memeory problem replace the Hard Drive

How do you fix the ring of death after your warranty is up?

There is a way of fixing the ring of death when your warranty is up. What you would do is ... BUY A NEW XBOX 360!!