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best way is on its side, don't block the air holes on the bottom of the xbox or around the bottom and top.

lay it in a horizontal position, so the text on the DVD draw can be read the right way up, left to right and, the hard disk is on the left.

don't block the air vents at the back and, don't place anything on top of the Xbox 360.

allow as much air flow around the box as you can, this will help it keep cool

if its horizontal there seems less chance of the disks scratching, falling out, etc.

You can stand the system up vertical that's with the hard disk at the top. for display only.

when its not turned on and, when there is no disk in the draw, this is for display only but to use it Microsoft say to have it in a horizontal position.

Also don't move the box when you have a disk in drive or, when its powered up. this can cause the disk to scratch or, the leads at the back to pop out.

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Q: Which position should i keep my xbox 360 in?
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