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It may have a little bit, but there will not be a lot

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Q: Does splinter cell conviction have bad language?
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Does splinter cell double agent have bad language?

check on the back of the case

What is splinter cell conviction rated?

Splinter cell conviction is rater M for mature 17+ for, blood, drug refrence, intense violence, sexual themes, and strong can see the trailer or game-play at a video website like youtube.I played Splinter cell conviction and I can tell how the game is:blood: This game has no more blood than other 17+ games.drug reference: Characters tells the world "drug" only two or three times.In game sentence example: Kobin (the "bad guy") is selling weapons and drugs.intense violence: Usually the game is not very violent...but there are moments in the game where you must interrogate people and it's bloody and violent.sexual themes: That's very strange...but no one in the game was even talking about don't worry about itstrong language: There is some strong language but the language in splinter cell conviction is much better than any other Mature games.

Why does splinter cell convivtion a bad game for children?

Splinter Cell Conviction is not recommended for children due to its mature themes, intense violence, and strong language. The game involves stealthy assassinations, interrogations, and graphic combat scenes that may not be suitable for younger audiences. Additionally, the complex storyline and moral ambiguity of the game may not be appropriate for children.

Why does kobin kill archer or kestrel in splinter cell conviction?

I think it was because they knew too much. Plus kobin and Reed were Bad guys to begin with.

Does splinter cell have bad language?

If you kill the "baddies" before they say Oh sh!!. Then no.

Does Sam Fisher Exist?

No but he is a fictional charecter and is seen in the new game called splinter cell conviction he is a spy looking for his daughter and is out after the bad guys he also sees at night with his night vison goggles!

What kind of felon is not bad crime?

A felony conviction means you are a criminal. "Bad" has nothing to do with the crime.

Is splinter cell double agent for PS2 bad?

Splinter cell 4 for the ps2 is a good game because of stealth action,co op,and multiplayer.It also has better graphics the the last one and has more co op.The multiplayer is also good.To get more info try going to's a very good game site for news,reviews,coverage, and lots of info.You should also try reading their review.

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Yes, the Gideon movie does have bad language.

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