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Q: Can you turn off bad language in call of duty 3?
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Can you turn off the bad language in call of duty 3?


Can you turn off bad things and skip bad things in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

no the blood, violence, and language can not be turned off

Turn off blood call of duty 4?

to bad

Does call of duty black ops II have bad language?

It's rated M for mature so it will contain bad language.

Why is call of call of duty 5 on ds rated t and call of duty 5 on ps3 rated m?

Because on DS, the graphics are not as intense (gory images and scenes) and there may not be as much bad language but on PS3 the graphics are very gory and there is some bad language.

Does Call of Duty classic have language in it?

A bit, but absolutely minimal "Sh" words and "F" words, so the language is bad, but not as bad as say, Black ops

How do you turn off blood and swearing in call of duty black ops?

when you start the game a message appears and it should say if you would like to turn off the bad language and that lot. If you miss it you should be able to do it in the options.

Can you turn all the bad things off in call of duty 4?

you can in multiplayer mode. you can in multiplayer mode.

Can you turn the bad words off in call of duty black ops for Nintendo Wii?

yes ,but only on the campaign

On Call of Duty World at War is it possible in any way to turn off the bad language?

No you can not turn off the language. The Language is only one of many things that cause it to be rated mature. It is an Adult video game with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, & Strong Language I think you can, have a look here:

What is the review of Black Ops 2?

The review of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 depends on what you think. Most people say that if you turn down the blood, and turn off the swearing and bad language it rates for 11 and up. The good thing about call of duty is that there is no sexual theme. I think that the game is very much fun. The only thing that is bad about the game is there is killing and violence. If you think that your kid is mature enough to have the game, then get it. If you don't, then don't get it.

Is Call of Duty a bad game?

Yes but then No. Call Of Duty is a game for older kids. Probably for 12 and older. Younger kids should not be aloud to play Call Of Duty.And yes, Call Of Duty does cuss a lot. If you don't want your child being exposed to that language, then I asure you not to buy that game.-SillyJill