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That is very unlikely, although, considering it's for a 7-12 year old crowd, there's no reason not to put a Chao garden in. Especially considering that Sonic Unleashed would have been much more popular had there been any value in it after beating story mode. If anything, a chao garden would guarantee SEGA that Sonic Colors would be a huge hit. SEGA just seems to be against the whole Chao Garden thing. If it doesn't have a chao garden 'though, hopefully it will have special stages, fixing the replay value issue. It worked as Sonic Heroes excuse to be childish and not to have a Chao Garden. Sonic Unleashed had its chance to be of value to either the retro fans or the Sonic Adventure fans, and disappointed both fan-bases.

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Q: Does sonic colors have a chao garden?
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Is there a chao garden in Sonic Heroes?

No, there is no chao garden in sonic heroes

Is there going to be a chao garden in Sonic unleashed?

Sorry but they do not have a chao garden in Sonic Unleashed.

What ds games have a chao garden?

sonic chronicles has a chao garden, but it's not as good as the sonic adv 2 on the GCN chao garden

Can you get more than one chao in the tiny chao garden?

You can only have one chao in each version of Tiny Chao Garden sorry (They are in Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, and Sonic Pinball).

How do you get a sonic chao in sonic advance 3?

You can't get sonic chao in chao garden. but if your parnter is cream. you can make cheese transfom to sonic chao. easy. eh?

Does Sonic Generations have a chao garden?


How do you get super sonic in chao garden sonic dx?

you cannot

Do you have a chao in sonic adventure 2 battle as soon as you start?

You have to unlock the Chao Garden by collecting the Chao Key in a stage. After you unlock the Chao Garden, there will be two Chao eggs in the garden.

Does sonic dx have a chao garden?


Is there a chao garden in Sonic Hereos?

Sorry but no there isnt.

Chao garden in sonic unleashed?

no i sorry it does not

How do you transfer chao from Sonic Advance to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Get a Gameboy and Gamecube hook up link cable. You can get one from gamestop for example. A link to gamestop's link cable is in the related links. Go to the thing you can put Chao in and choose "Transfer Chao". Make sure you are in the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure.