Does shadow love Amy or rouge?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Shadow may not fall in love with anyone. First of all, i think rouge likes knuckles. Second, if he were to love rouge, in my opinion, she is way too flirty. Many people think they look good together which I have to admit they do but talk about how opposites attract doesn't work in this case. And Amy and shadow? Pink........ all pink...... And black and dark red.....T.T

Actually Shadow may fall in love with Amy...kidding! NO WAY

Amy loves sonic so i think shadow love rouge foever!

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Shadow does not love Rouge or Amy.

There is no official love interest for Shadow.

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But, Shadaria is possible....


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Q: Does shadow love Amy or rouge?
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Does Rouge love Amy?

No. Butt in truth or dare shadow dared rouge and Amy to makeout

Who does shadow like Amy or rouge?

No. BUT I HOPE SEGA MAKE SHADOW AND AMY IN LOVE!! (NO BASHING OR FLAMES!!)No bashing or flames? How old are you, eight? Also, Shadow and Amy is idiotic. First of all, Shadow is too emotionally disconnected to really feel love. Also... is it so difficult to notice that Amy is obsessively in love with Sonic? Is it seriously so hard to see? It's the basis of her entire character, how can you possibly ignore that?Anyways, although he is very good friends with Rouge, as well as an ally of hers, he is not in love with her. As I stated above, he's really too emotionally disconnected to love anyone.

Why is it Shadow and Rouge instead of Shadow and Amy in the Games?

It isn't Shadow and Rouge. I know it looks like they're together, but Shadow is a loner so he isn't with anyone.

Does rouge love shadow or kuckels?

shadow love rouge yes,but knux is love tikal no rouge this is a true!!!!!!!! Rouge is in love with Knuckles. It was revealed in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. And Shadow loves no one. rouge loves knuckles cause she always flared with him in sonic x

Does Amy love shadow?

That last answer was a horrible answer im giveing it to you straight Shadow might like Amy but Amy is obsessed with sonic so that hurts his chances and in sonic x Amy once said "I don't like shadow or rouge" so shadow will probably stay a loner until the end of time sorry.

Who does shadow have a crush on more rouge or Amy?

neither one. Shadow loves Maria Robotnik no one else. Well, that wasn't a choice my opinon, ROUGE!!!!!!!!!!

Is shadow and Amy in love?

Who would think that? Amy loves Sonic, she wouldn't fall in love with Shadow.

Does shadow in love with Amy?

No he is not.

Who love shadow?


Do shadow and rouge love each other?

Nope. There is more chemistry between Rouge and Knuckles than Shadow and her.

Does Shadow have a crush on anyone?

shadow dont love none he love maria as his human friend who died next to him that make him so sad and omega and rouge he likes as friends and dont trust google pic there right all the time shadow and rouge are good couple love will never die with shadow and rouge and AMY DONT LIKE SHADOW SHE LOVES SONIC AND WILL LOVE SONIC INTEL THEY ARE IN LOVE HAHA IM RIGHT SO BELIEVE ME ok thanks

Does shadow love rouge?

Rouge has friendly/business relations with Shadow and nothing more. Shadow does not test any feelings to Rouge and she knows it. Although she does have a slight attraction to him, but shadow doesn't return the favour