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from undella town you follow the path upwards and move the strength boulder you can get to lacunosa town from here as well as giant chasm

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Q: How do you get to the great chasm in pokemon white?
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What legendary Pokemon is in the back of the great casum in Pokemon white version?

Kyurem is found in the deepest part of Giant Chasm.

What Pokemon are at giant chasm in Pokemon Black or white?


How do you find kyrem in Pokemon white?

In the giant chasm

Where do you get a dito in Pokemon White?

You go to giant chasm

How do you find kyrim in Pokemon white?

in giant chasm

Where could you get a ditto in Pokemon White?

Giant chasm

Were to catch a Ditto in Pokemon White?

Giant Chasm

Where can you find a sneasel in Pokemon White?

giant chasm

Where is kerum in Pokemon White?

it is at the end of giant chasm

How do you get to the ice dragon in Pokemon white and black?

in the giant chasm

How do you get Ditto in Pokemon white version?

After you beat the elite four you can catch it in the giant chasm there is also a legendary Pokemon in the giant chasm called kyurem.

Is Kyuren from Pokemon Black and White a legendary Pokemon?

Yes, you catch it in the Giant Chasm.