Does shadow like shadspio

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Manily no he doesn't what espio ever since the midnight lick. But espio fells deep down in shadows heart that shadow wants to become shadspio again so espio can only wait for the day they reunite and become shadspio again while shadow spends his days hiding from espio while wating! for the same day were he can get the guts to tell espio that he wants to reunite and become shadspio again.

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Q: Does shadow like shadspio
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Does espio like anymore?

He used to like blaze but dumped her to be with shadow ever since the midnight lick a moment that will haunt shadow forever along with the day he lost Maria but to espio the midnight lick was a dream come true. To this day forward shadow spends the days hiding from espio doing nothing but hide while espio is spending his day's looking for shadow and hoping for the day to come were. They'll reunite as shadspio again a.k.a. shadow x espio.

Does shadow love espio?

No. the midnight like was espios fault shadow tried to escape but espio was to strong for shadow while espio was licking shadow everywhere with his long tounge shadow Dante's and didn't remember a thing on till espio did it again that memory will haunt shadow for the rest of his life just like the day he lost Maria haunts him as well I fell sorry for shadow :(

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