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yes, mephiles was trapped in the scepter of darkness,and after he was released he was in a tornado like form,and the he absorbed shadow's shadow thus he looked like shadow.

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Q: Is there a reason why mephiles had shadow's form in sonic 2006?
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Can you play as Mephiles in Sonic Rivals 2?

No. Mephiles only appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, and his existence was wiped out by the change in timeline.

Is mephiles in sonic x?

No. The show ended in 2004. Mephiles was created in 2006 for games only.

Is mephiles shadow's twin?

No mephiles is not shadows twin in the game sonic the hedgehog 2006 he has two forms, an ice form and a smokey form he is released from the septer of darkness and takes shadow's shadow causing him to look like him. shadow and mephiles are enimes and have no relation or connection at all.

Is there dark Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006?

No but your probably referring to Mephiles, Shadow's Shadow

Does Mephiles appear in Sonic X?

no mephiles isn't a sonic x character and he never will.he is a villain that was only in sonic 06 and that's the only game he will ever be in

How old is Mephalis from the sonic movie?

Mephiles the Dark is immortal, but he was not in a movie. He was from Sonic 2006 for the 360 and PS3.

Will mephiles ever appear in a show like sonic x because sonic x ended in 2006 if there is the final episode of sonic x that was made in 2006 will mephiles be in it since sonic 2006 was made?

No, I've seen every episode and none of them show the story line of Sonic the Hedgehog 06 A few reasons why: 1. In Sonic 06, it mainly just showed Sonic characters that will stick to the story, not Sonic X only. 2. Mephiles was defeated after the ending of Sonic 06 3. The last episode (I think) was mainly about Cosmo leaving. If you were hoping he would, I am sorry; but he won't... Anyway, didn't Mephiles get sort of destroyed?

Is Sonic the Hedegehog dying?

Um.....well, in Sonic 2006, Sonic was killed by Mephiles the Dark, but revived so he's alive and is not, repeat, NOT dying.

When did Sonic die?

Sonic died in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 when Mephiles impaled him with an attack from behind. But Sonic was brought back to life by Princess Elise and her wish on the Chaos Emeralds.

Why did Sonic get killed in Sonic 2006?

Mephiles "killed" Sonic, so he could release the Flames of Disaster which were sealed inside Elise. The Flames were unleashed due to Elise crying.

How do you defeat mephiles phase 1 in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006?

Towards the end, Mephiles will move slowly into the air in a spiral motion, releasing a clone at intervals. The player will need to follow Mephiles using the Homing Attack at the clones as "steps" to reach Mephiles to deal the final blow and defeat him.

When does sonic fight silver?

Sonic fought Silver in the game called Sonic The Hedgehog(2006).It is because when Mephiles conveinced Silver into killing Sonic.They fight after the player completes the Dusty Desert level.