Does shadow likes Amy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Shadow and Amy have only met a few times and have not interacted with each other a lot. SEGA still hasn't officially announced anything about their relationship.

So Shadow may just like Amy as a friend.

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shadow use to like Amy but shadow actually likes Maria. nope shadow likes nobody he does not like rouge. it's true shadow thas not like enyone.

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Q: Does shadow likes Amy
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Does sonic love Amy more than shadow loves Amy?

Im many many cases Sonic would like Amy more, as Shadow often goes to be the lone wolf. Examples like getting annoyed when Rouge is about to get sealed and crushed he comes in the last minute.

Does shadow have a crush on Amy?

Answer: In spite of Shadow promising he'd save the world for her, and their "The Miracle of Love" cutscene = storyline title in Shadow the Hedgehog (video game), Shadow is not romantically interested in anyone; SEGA hasn't stated he has a love interest.Hello?! Shadow totally has a crush on Amy! After doing some research, I found that in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, after Amy hugs him, I saw him blush! That's right! BLUSH!! He even smiled, I'm not kidding! And when she ran off, he looked like he wanted to follow her! So yes, Shadow does have a crush on Amy! He'll probably never admit it, though.P.S If you don't agree with me, then WHY DID YOU TYPE IN THIS QUESTION???!!!___________________________________________________________________yeah both first answer's do have a very good point (even though I'm a shadamy fan) i just think shadow only likes her as a friend. Even though true that he said he would keep her and maria's promise to save the world, at the end of the video game (shadow the hedgehog) it saids "the miracle of love", and in some other games (if you look closely) he did smile when Amy hugged him. He just likes her as a friend.Even though no one knows if its true the shadow has a crush on Amy, but i think Sega just made these characters just for games not for relation ships although it doesn't really matter if you think he likes (or possibly loves her) that's your option if you think he doesn't like her o.k. then

On grand chase is jin in love with Amy?

yes because if you go to the official site and check the likes of jin you will see amy's name

Does Amy Rose have brothers?

yes sonic does have a sister in sega version her name is solar

What year did Amy Rose appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog games?

Shadow cries only once: in the abandoned lab on Space Colony ARK in Sonic Adventure 2. SPOILER: Shadow had been working with Eggman because he wanted to get revenge on the world for Maria's death. However, as the ARK is on a crash course with Earth, Amy convinces him that Maria didn't want revenge; she wanted Shadow to watch over the people of Earth and "give them a chance to be happy." Shadow has a change of heart, and as he leaves the lab to go help Sonic and the others save the world, Amy is the only one to see his tear.

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Why are sonic and shadow rivals?

The reason is that they're rivals is cause sonic likes Amy and shadow likes Amy too

Does shadow the hedgehog have a crush on Amy?

Yes he acually does and Amy likes Shadow a little

What webside show that shadow like Amy?

There is no website that shows that Shadow likes Amy. Shadow has no feelings for Amy what so ever. Amy has no feelings for him eather, She only likes Sonic. When Amy hugged Shadow it ment nothing, She only hugged him thinking he was Sonic not because she liked him.

In which games is it shown that Shadow likes Amy?

None, the only interaction theyve had together is in Sonic Adventure 2 when Amy hugged Shadow thinking he was Sonic and when Amy made Shadow remember Maria's promise on board the Ark.sonic adventure 2 and shadow the hedgehog show that Shadow likes Amy as a friend. There are no games that show anything about Shadamy.

Did amy rose love shadow more than sonic?

amy likes sonic but when shadow kissed her life changed and cant decide anymore when did shadow kiss her

Does sonic love Amy more than shadow loves Amy?

Im many many cases Sonic would like Amy more, as Shadow often goes to be the lone wolf. Examples like getting annoyed when Rouge is about to get sealed and crushed he comes in the last minute.

Is Shadow the Hedgehog capable of loving?

Yeah. He likes Amy, Sonic, and Silver.

Will Amy find that Shadow like her?

Shadow doesn't like her but Amy likes shadow and sonic she has to deside so it's best to like sonic though cus shadow is just a recreation of sonic so i thank sonic and Amy are better together.

Does shadow the hedgehog have a soft side?

Yes he does. He is only on his soft side when he sees Amy because he likes Amy a little

Does any sonic character love shadow?

yes, sometimes Amy rose likes him

Does amyrose like shadow the hedgehog?

Yes she does but she likes Sonic a little bit more. That is why Sonic and Shadow are rivals beause of Amy.

Does Shadow the Hedgehog like Amy Rose?

SEGA Amy Rose loves Shadow the Hedgehog and they are brother and sister. Disregard the above answer, there isn't a single true part about it. Amy and Shadow as brother and sister... I don't know where Sabrinawoold got that blatant lie from. As far as the real answer goes, Amy just considers Shadow to be a friend.