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yes because if you go to the official site and check the likes of jin you will see amy's name

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Q: On grand chase is jin in love with Amy?
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When will Jin come out in Grand Chase US?

jin just came out

When does jin come out the grand chase 8th Char?

XD Jin is coming out June 10th 2009 In North America

When is Jin coming out on grand chase?

"When he comes out." was the previous ignorant answer, but I have heard he is coming out this summer of 2009.

In grand chase when is Jin coming out?

i hear that is coming out the summer OS 2009(this year) around June or July

What nicknames does Jin Auyeung go by?

Jin Auyeung goes by The Emcee, Jin tha MC, Jin, and 100 Grand Jin.

Who invented the grand piano?

Phillip Jin Kim

On grand chase how do you get jin in grand chase?

To get Jin in Grand chase you must buy Jin's mission scroll from the academy Tab. The mission details should be on it. all u have to do is 1.complete the whispering woods on champion mode 1 time 2.complete the silver ruins on champion mode 1 time 3 collect 5 tree logs on 3 star whipering woods (u should do the full dungeon to get what u need) 4 collect 5 black fairy queen powders (silver ruins or whatever it is called lol) and congratulations u have jin o and if u need my help my account name is shadow1012 have fun!!!!! o and also jin has a 2nd and 3rd job so u should train him fast and there will be another character named sieghert i think the mission is to get every character in the game but i think that is way off but hey i don't no so train hard and love grand chase join the chase save the world have fun

Who does Nina love?

Jin of course

Does Akanishi Jin love Kamenashi Kazuya and does Kamenashi Kazuya love Akanishi Jin?

They love each other as friends.....hopefully.......they're both hot.....

Is Anna William in love of jin?

No she doesn't, she's in love with Kazuya

Who is jin in love with?

She kinda likes Zuko but only when they were younger and also Zuko does not love her ever!

What is the purpose of building jin Mao tower?

It contains offices and the Shanghai Grand Hyatt hotel.