Why does jin hate kazuya?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Kazuya is Jin's father. Maybe... Kazuya left them when Jin was young or whatever.

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Q: Why does jin hate kazuya?
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Why kazuya is father of jin?

kazuya's lover who is jun is jin's mother making kazuya jin's father.

Why do jin and kazuya not like each other?

Kazuya wants Jin's devil gene and Jin wants to kill Kazuya for all tha things Kazuya has done to him earlier

Are kazuya and jin are brothers?

Jin is the son of Kazuya and Jun, and therefore Heiachi's grandson.

Who likes kazuya?

Lee Chaolan, Heihachi, Jinpachi and Raven likes Kazuya. Even, Jin knows him, but Devil Kazuya, Asuka and Jun don't.

Is there any devil kazuya in tekken 5?

No there's no Devil Kazuya in Tekken 5. The devil gene in that version is present in Jin Kazama and he is Devil Jin. The Devil Kazuya appeared only in Tekken Tag Tournament. It is said that the devil gene from Kazuya was passed on to his son Jin that's why he became the devil later on.

Does Akanishi Jin love Kamenashi Kazuya and does Kamenashi Kazuya love Akanishi Jin?

They love each other as friends.....hopefully.......they're both hot.....

Why does the devil mark jin?

Jin got his father's (Kazuya Mishima) Devil Gene.

Does jin have a sister?

no jin has no sister he's the only son of jun kazama and kazuya mishima

How do you turn into devil jin?

At 5 years old, Kazuya Mishima was thrown off a cliff by his father, Heihachi. Wanting revenge, he sold his soul to the Devil. So therefore, Kazuya had the devil inside of him/ the devil gene. During The King of Iron Fist 2 (Tekken 2) Jun and Kazuya were intimate, and conceived Jin. Because Kazuya had the devil gene, Jin had it, thus he becomes Devil Jin.

Why does Jin kazama want to kill his father kazuya mishima?

because he wants to kill the evil that is inside of kazuya

How do you enter cheat of devil kazuya in Tekken dark ressruction of psp while playing?

Highlight Jin, wait 7 seconds, highlight Devil Jin, wait 2 seconds, highlight Kazuya, wait 2 seconds and select Devil Jin. When the fight starts Devil Kazuya, will be who your fighting with!

Who dies at the end kazuya or jin?

There's no ending yet.