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They have the same bonuses in combat terms, people mainly buy saradomin as as cosmetic item more than anything else.

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Q: Does saradomin in runescape have more defence than rune?
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What is the best rune shield on runescape?

saradomin shield

Where are the gods in rune

I assume you are talking about RuneScape? The gods are, Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak

What level do you have to be to use Saradomin weapons in runescape?

40 ATT for rune weapons. And if you're a member, 70 attack for the Saradomin Sword. 40 DEF for armor

What is the best armor for non - members on runescape is it rune gold trimmed or zammy or what help?

saradomin is the best armour although the second best is guthix then rune they r the 3 best armour u can also get rune trimmed but not guthix and saradomin i hope this helped you ty

Do you have to wear the saradomin armour doing the quest or wear it freely that runescape?

The Rune Platebody requires defense level 40, and the completion of the quest "Dragon Slayer". Since Saradomin Platebody - part of the Saradomin armour - is basically the same as Rune Platebody, I assume you'll need the same requirements.

On runescape what stats do you need for black elite?

Your better of with Rune stuff, they have more defence than elite and are less price concerning. ---------Answering your question though--------- You need the same Defence as Rune, Believe it or not.

What is the best thing to merch in runescape?

Partyhats or any rune armor.(guthix, saradomin-lots of money if merched, zamorak)

What is the point of saradomin armor in runescape?

There's really no point just it looks cool. its exactly the same as rune armour

What is a good weapon for strength training on runescape?

Chaotic Longsword > Saradomin Sword > Brackish blade/Dragon Scimitar > Rune Scimitar

In runescape What is better rune chainmail or Adam platebody?

rune chainmail overall, but the adamant platebody has better stab defence.

On runescape how do you change the coulor of full helms feathers?

You can't they are completely different helmets all together, ( Rune Helmet ) Green is Guthix, White is Saradomin, Red is Zamorak, Yellow Is Rune (g) and Light Blue is Rune (t).

What defence level do you have to get to wear guthix in runescape?

40, it's like rune and has the same powers.