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some websites do but some don't put a virus protector on your computer or laptop and it will tell u if the website has a virus or not

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Q: Does moshi monsters cheat engine give a virus?
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Dose Moshi Monsters give you a virus?

its true moshi monsters does give u a virus YES it does

Does Moshi Monsters contain a virus?

No Moshi Monsters does not contain a virus, I've been playing on it for a year now and I've had no problems.

Is cheat engine a virus?

Cheat Engine is not a virus. It is generally used to cheat in games.

Can Moshi Monsters harm your computer?

I dont think Moshi Monsters gives a virus but it could freeze up your screen.

Why cheat engine 5.6.1 is a virus?

Furthermore, Cheat Engine has no virus, and is completely safe.

Does Moshi Monsters give you a virus?

It probably doesn't since Moshi Monsters is played by more than 30 million people world wide, so people would easily find out if you do get a virus. In addition: It is very unlikely that you would get a virus from playing the Moshi Monsters game since you play the game on the web site.

Is moshi monster a virus?

No, Moshi Monsters is completely free from viruses.

Does cheat engine virus on computer?


Does play give virus?

No, moshi monsters is completely virus free its not even a download and is completely free if you do not pay for membership.

Why does Moshi Monsters have a virus?

Moshi Monsters cant get a viruses. They just get ill if you dont look after it. Try going on a feeding it and making it happy if you dont want to make your monster hate you...Add me! I have too monsters, pinkittykat0123 and queenkittykatfox!