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yes frieza kills him

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Q: Does krillin die in Dragon Ball Z Kai?
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Does krillin die for good?

In Dragon Ball Z, Krillin doesn't ever die 'for good', but he does die a few times. First time, being in Dragon Ball. Second time, being on Namek. He may be dead at the end of GT, but it's not comfirmed.

When is goku going super saiyen in dragon ball z Kai?

The nice folks who are dubbing Dragonball Kai have only finished the Saiyan Saga. Even though Dragonball Kai is already up to the Cell Games Saga, Dragonball Z Kai hasn't even begun the Namek Saga. Goku, of course, undergoes the Super Saiyan transformation in the Frieza saga, after watching Krillin die. Again. Because Krillin sucks.

How did krillin die in Dragon Ball?

no actually it was the other way around.when krillin tried to convince gohan that they had to leave namek so they wouln't get hurt in goku and frieza's battle frieza levitated krillin into the air and blew him up.

Is vegeta going to die on the next dragon ball z Kai?

he dies on episode 42.

How many times does krillin die in the dragon ball z saga?

He died 5 times in the whole Dragonaball series. (Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

In what episode of Dragon Ball Z does Krillin die?

Episode 95: Transformed at Last. After being hit by the spirit bomb and taking a short leave of absence, Frieza returns and levitates Krillin, then explodes him. This happens near the end of the episode (around 19 minutes into my 24:11 file)

Does goku die in Dragon Ball Z Kai?

Yes. In fact he died very early on in the series. He died in later episodes as well, and that will almost certainly not be censored from Kai, as it is a big part of the story (and cannon).

How many times does krillin die?

Krillin dies 4 time

Dragon Ball af did xicor die?

dragon ball af and xicor isn't real

Does trunks die in Dragon Ball gt?


Did chchi die in Dragon Ball Z?


How many times did chiaotzu die?

He died three times one time in dragon ball and twice in dragon ball z