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He died 5 times in the whole Dragonaball series. (Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

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Q: How many times does krillin die in the dragon ball z saga?
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How many times has Krillin died?

Krillin has died four times.

How many times does krillin die?

Krillin dies 4 time

How many times does goku use the Kamehameha?

In Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z he uses it 97 times.

How many times did chiaotzu die?

He died three times one time in dragon ball and twice in dragon ball z

How many times krillin dies?


How many times was krillin brought back?

Krillin died 4 times (5 times if you count the alternate timeline)once was in dragon ball when he was killed by tambourine(King Piccolo son and Piccolos brother).Also again when he was fighting frieza and frieza blew him up causing goku to go regular super saiyan the next time was when he was fighting buu and buu turned him into chocolate and another time when suiper 17 killed him

How many times can the dragonballs wish you back to life?

On earth once but on dragon ball z gt in the black star dragon balls saga you can and will get a rule free wish like bring back a planet with everyone on so you can wish back people more than 1 time like goku wished back krillin with them.

How many season of dragon ball?

Dragon Ball - 5 Seasons Dragon Ball Z- 9 Seasons Dragon Ball GT- 2 Seasons

How many English versions of Dragon Ball Z are there?

4. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball z Kai, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT

How many seasons are there in Dragon Ball gt?

There are 9 seasons in dragon ball z. Then it changes into dragon ball gt.

Is gohan stronger than krillin?

depends are you talking about normal because if you are they are the same but krillin with unlocked potentiol vs. angry gohan: gohan would win every tme, but let me ask you this how many times has gohan died compared to krillin

How long was king kamehameha name used in Dragon Ball Z?

Well it has been passed down from Master Roshi,Goku,Krillin,Yamcha,Gohan,Goten and many more and Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb are very well considered his ultimate attacks