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Personally, the only cooking game I know about is 'Cooking mama' for the Nintendo DS. It is fun, but I can see how it would get boring over time.

There is also and it has a cooking game called "Let's get Cookin'!" and "Bakery story" at least I think thats what's its called. All I know for sure is that there are at least 4 different cooking/baking games.

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Q: Does anyone have recommendations for good cooking games?
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Does anyone know of some good virtual games about preparing food in a kitchen?, are the ones I found. I have not used thee sites yet but I am sire you will find what you are looking for in virtual cooking games.

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God of Cookery

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There are many cooking games available online, it is really up to your personal preference on what type of game you prefer. A good place to find a lot of good cooking games is Here you can choose from multiple varieties and styles of cooking games, including: cooking mama, pizza making, cookie making, dinner planning, etc.

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try cooking mama and the waitress my friend said that they are good that is a good game so listen to this person

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I believe the best cooking game for kids is because they have a great variety of games to play and they are of good quality. Also, they are very fun.

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Free games on nokia 6300 with no registeration?

You can't get apps without a regerstartion but i found that zedge is good short regersration. ( the games are good though, i got cooking mama from it, its good quality as well :-D.Thank you.