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nothing cooking good looking! :)

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Q: What is the first hint of mystery in the silver outrigger?
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How many cards are in the first book of The 39 Clues?

There are 6 clue cards in the first book of The 39 Clues series. Each card reveals an important clue or hint as part of the overarching mystery explored in the series.

A sentence for the word inkling?

a detective needs inkling to solve a mystery

Where can I Find a walkthroughhints for Nancy Drew Mystery of the Clue Bender Society?

universal hint system, UHS

How do you catch shaymin on platinum?

NOW THE SHAYMIN EVENT IT IS ON AGAIN AND I GOT IT WITH AN ULTRA BALL WHEN IT WAS ON YELLOW AND IT MAS THE FIRST ULTRA BALL I USED! hint*keep using ultra balls whenn it is on red of yellow8 another hint*shaymin is only a level 30* another hint*you HAVE to get oaks letter and you get it be myster gift and it is the last one on mystery gift*

How do you get mew in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of the sky?

you have to get the mystery jungle mission (hint: you have to rescue scisor and he will give you secret rank. to do that you have to beat dialga and go to blizzard island. Mew is the boss of Mystery Jungle.

What colour are a flies eyes?

a coulour of a flies eyes is a black with a hint of silver

What does it mean when the hint says the stone tablets on top of the display case look puzzling in the game mystery shack mystery?

You have to press on the stone tablets first to get a close up. Then you will see the two of them, next you copy the one on the right with the one on the left by pressing on it. ok and there is your answer your welcome!

What are mystery boxes on Moshi Monsters?

They tell you how to get a moshling you get them at the port at paws n' claws P.S. the colors give you a hint!

What A student measured the melting temperature of silver a number of times. Which of his measurements is most accurate Hint The melting point of silver is 1763.2 and degF.?

The answer is B.

What does it mean when the hint says looks like the fish tank lost its heads in the new game mystery shack mystery?

you have to have the two mystery heads then you click on one of the heads then you click on on of the pole the fish tank is connected to. do the some thing to the other one.

What do you do after a first date and he doesn't ask you out?

take the hint....

Where is the van in you SPY gold challenger the birthday hunt?

Hint 1 : It's on page 13 in the first keyhole. Hint 2 : It is yellow. Hint 3 : It is hidden behind something(s).